Who we are?

Do you know that breast cancer is the second cause of all woman’ deaths in Brazil? On average almost 2 Brazilian women die per hour every day of breast cancer! 25% of patients die after five years of being diagnosed in our country, whereas in the US or in Europe this rate is only 10%. However, breast cancer has 95% of cure if diagnosed in an early stage and treated properly!

 The Protea Institute, a non-profit organization, is founded in 2018, because we believe that all women have the right to enjoy life to the fullest. They have the right to quickly access a dignified and good quality breast cancer treatment after diagnosis. Unfortunately, in Brazil 75% of the population don’t have a private health plan and they rely on the public system and only 30% of cancer patients have access to her treatment up to 60 days after diagnosis. 

Our Institute MISSION is to provide a fast access to a quality breast cancer treatment for low-income women in Brazil.

Our VISION is that all women must have quick access to a quality treatment to increase her chance to cure herself from breast cancer.

Our VALUES are: Equality, Dignity, Quality and Solidarity.

Protea is the botanical name of a genus of South African flowering plants and one of the oldest flowers in the world. It represents change and hope since it can adapt and change herself in disadvantage climate or soil conditions. There was no better way to represent the strength and resilience of our breast cancer patients. 


Our Story

It all started with a friend's phone call. And soon a much stronger connection was stablished: several women came together willing to fight and seek to reduce breast cancer deaths in Brazil!

It was September 2017 and Gabriella Antici was facing breast cancer for the second time. Despite having undergone breast removal surgery less than three years before, the disease had returned. Gabriella didn’t give up hope and did the complete treatment again: new surgery, chemo and radiotherapy.

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One day a friend called her to know how she was. They talked about her health condition, overall breast cancer situation in Brazil and the effect that a quick access to treatment once diagnosed has in the chances of having its breast cancer cured.

After the call Gabriella couldn´t stop thinking about the 60 thousand women that was going to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 in Brazil. Are they going to have access to an adequate treatment? And how long would it take to start the treatment?

And, most of all, how could she contribute to reduce the mortality rate of this disease in Brazil?

Gabriella put together from one side experts in the non-profit organization sector and women that have fought and survived breast cancer and, from the other side, a group of the most experienced and qualified oncologist and mastologists in Brazil. At this moment Protea Institute was being formed to help low income women to have access quickly to a quality breast cancer treatment. 

Our Project

The East Zone is considered the poorest region of São Paulo city in Brazil, according to IBGE (1). It is one of the most populated areas in the city, accounting for 20% of its population with approx. 2.4 million inhabitants (2). Poverty and overpopulation impact the life quality and health of its residents. Life expectancy in Itaquera is currently 61.67 years whereas the average in Brazil is 75 years. In addition to that, deaths caused by cancer have increased in the recent years in the region (3).

For all these reasons, the Protea Institute looked for a Health Expert in the region to partner with. Santa Marcelina Hospital is a private and philanthropic institution, which dedicates 87% of its care to the public Unified Health System (SUS) in Brazil. The hospital is considered a quality reference in the provision of health services in the Eastern Zone of São Paulo city in Brazil.

Together, Protea and Santa Marcelina Hospital brought to life the AMAR project intended to increase the efficiency and the numbers of cases treated of low-income women with breast cancer. We support 400 breast cancer doctor's appointments per month, we increased the number of new cases being diagnosed, besides surgeries, chemo and radiotherapy treatment offered to hundreds of women. We also carry out all the necessary diagnosis exams in one single day. The patient saves time and their results come out faster. Besides that, it gives them more comfort since she avoids returning to the hospital again to perform all the exams.

Another initiative of our project is the mammography exam, a diagnostic exam of non-palpable nodules that can’t be examined by mammography. In the past, this exam was done through surgery in a surgical center. Now, with our help, this exam is run in a clinical setting. This procedure is more comfortable and less traumatic for the patient, with less clinical risk and in a shorter time. The Protea Institute does everything possible to shorten the time needed between breast cancer diagnosis and the treatment start to increase the chances of being cured and to reduce breast cancer deaths in the country.

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